My name is Christine, and I am the mother of one beautiful boy, Jesse James. I am a reader of the classics, a raw food enthusiast (insanely passionate about my son’s healthy diet), and I am a cloth nappy devotee. I practice natural / attachment parenting, and have had great success with these philosophies.

This blog is where I spend most of my free time, but I also volunteer over at Natural Parents Network, where I am the sponsorship manager and an author (find me on their about page here, and see my featured blogger interview here). My daytime / part-time work includes bookkeeping (bleh) and working as a social media consultant.

African Babies Don’t Cry is my creative outlet, where I write about; my passions, natural and attachment parenting, natural nutrition, using cloth nappies, breastfeeding and more. I enjoy researching a topic in-depth to give accurate and informative posts, and I also write personal posts on the joys and trials of parenting a two year old in Africa. I regularly share recipes, mostly healthy, raw or sugar-free, and I regularly share toddler activity posts or tutorials, these prove to be some of my most popular posts. Other popular topics include my writing on natural nutrition, and Africa.

I hadn't given much thought to the type of parent I would be, like most, until I found out I was pregnant. Even then it all seemed very surreal and I didn't give it too much thought past what to buy to prepare for a baby. I always knew I would use cloth nappies, for the 'green' factor, and I bought 'natural' baby products and baby wipes... that's about as much as I did.

My parenting philosophy grew over the first few weeks of my sons life. I let him sleep in my arms in the bed with me because that's where he slept best ... I had never heard of co-sleeping before. I carried him all the time because that's where he was happiest, in my arms. He never cried and everyone commented on what a happy baby I have.

The first time I heard of attachment parenting was in the book 'Baby Massage for Dummies'. It seemed to fit with my thoughts on parenting and indeed on further investigation I found a whole community that agreed with me. I no longer felt quite so alone.

So... why "African Babies Don't Cry"?

Well they don’t! Generally... of course I mean the babies of mothers who are still in touch with old traditions and are still doing the same sort of mothering their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

For them, it is completely natural to feed on demand, co-sleep with their babies, practice baby-led weaning etc.

Obviously I don't have first hand experience with this... in fact the only thing that relates me to these Africans that practice attachment parenting so naturally is that I live in Africa. For more info on the subject read this lovely article by J. Claire K. Niala on Peaceful Parenting's website, which summarises my point.

But I thought that the phrase encapsulated my parenting philosophies with an African flair :)

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