Starting Solids Series

To make it really easy for my readers to find all my previously published posts on babies starting solids, I have linked to them all here. Simply click on the links to open in a new window. 

Having only recently been through this learning curve with Jesse, please find my research and findings below on when, what, how to start a baby on solids. Enjoy, and let me know if I have left anything out, or contact me if you have any questions.

When Is The Right Time to Start Baby on Solids?
I list the reasons to delay solids as long as possible, and the signs to look out for to tell whether your baby is ready for solid food yet.

The Best First Food for Baby
So your baby is showing all signs of readiness, and you've decided to try introducing solid food, what's it going to be? I share what the best first food is, and why.

Now That We've Started Solids... How Much? And How Often? ...or our journey with a baby-led approach to starting solids.

The Natural Approach to Weaning (Child-led Weaning)
Where I discuss why Jesse will be nursing until he is ready to wean himself.

Should You Supplement Your Child's Diet?
Where I discuss what supplements a breastfeeding mother should be taking in order to make sure her milk is rich in nutrients, and what a toddler should be taking to ensure optimal health.

Infant Rice Cereal and Why I Won't Be Feeding It To My Son
Why is it so bad for your baby? 

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