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30 Before 30 Challenge - How I Got On

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On my birthday last year I posted this list of goals, or to-do's that I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday, i.e. before I turned thirty. It was a mostly fun list, because I love making lists and setting goals, but I wasn't too serious about it not too hard on myself when I did not achieve them. Despite this half-assed attitude, I surprised myself by how much I did get done, take a look!
1. Start my diploma in nutrition - this one is not going to happen this year, mostly because instead I have started a diploma in metaphysics. I will postpone this goal until after I have completed my metaphysics diploma, which will be in the next two years or so.

2. Find a daily routine and rhythm that I can stick to and be proud of - as I take on more and more paid work I am finding we are getting into our routines. I now work six morning a week as a bookkeeper, mostly from home but sometimes onsite at a farmers office. Jesse comes with me, and I have hired a nanny to look after him whilst I work. Next year we start homeschooling, so this goal will be even more important!

3. Write and publish a small ebook - this never happened, see above about taking on more and more paid bookkeeping work. I just haven't found the time or inspiration yet.

4. Start a regular volunteering service - I volunteer for the Natural Parents Network as their sponsorship manager, now while this is not quite what I meant by volunteering service, it may have to do for another year as I struggle to fit everything in to my busy life.

5. Start up belly-dancing lessons again - also posing a problem as the nearest lessons are over an hour away, but I am still keen to get going on this one.

6. Revamp my kitchen into my 'dream kitchen'
- I never got around to a full revamp, but with a few additions my kitchen is starting to look better and better the longer we live in this house :)

7. Make this blog worthy of advertisers - getting there, see all those shiny advertisors blog badges in the sidebar? :)

8. Start a regular cardio and strength routine - Of all the goals on my list this one was the one that I thought I would never get right. I am not an 'exercise person' and never even really played sport at school. BUT, I have started cycling on an exercise bike a couple of times a week, and I do yoga a couple of time a week now too, already firming up!

9. Slowly organise and simplify every inch of my home - we're getting there, watch out for upcoming organisation posts.

10. Put dreads in my hair - I decided I had chickened out of this one, but then I recently found someone who does dreads in my area... so I may just get them after all.

11. Become as close to a refuse free home as possible - I found that the more our home vegetable garden has grown, the less I need to buy and so the less refuse we have. I have also been on a clean eating drive this year, and that has cut down our refuse to the minimal too.

12. Get my new business of the ground, and start it off with a bang
- See this post for more details.

13. Get my veggie garden going to almost self-sufficient standards - our vegetable garden has been a great success, and I have even recently been growing my own cucumbers.

14. Send out home-made birthday cards for family and friends birthdays - I'm scratching this one off the list, because it was an epic fail, and doesn't seem so important to me anymore.

15. Get my diet to 80% raw foods and completely sugar free - I have been on a journey to correct my health ever since my stint in ICU after Jesse was born, and this road has by no means ended. I started this year off trying a 21 Day Raw Food Cleanse with The Garden Diet, but only managed a week before poor planning and poor budgeting made it impossible. With the success of our veggie garden however, I would say that we are almost up to this goal!

16. Visit the Wild Coast again - Alas, I have taken on too much paid work and have not had a break, yet!

17. Complete my Bachelors degree - this will be postponed until I complete my diploma in metaphysics.

18. Begin a daily meditation practice - I have yet to make this a daily habit, although I am meditating more now than ever.

19. Do Jesse's playroom out in a mix of Montessori and Waldorf styles - done, pictures to follow on the blog soon.

20. Start a savings plan for Jesse's university fees - oops, forgot about this one!

21. Organize all digital photos and print at least one from each month - I decided on something even simpler, a photo book of Jesse's first three years! My laptop recently crashed and I lost all my photos, thank goodness I had uploaded most of them to Facebook, so whilst they wont be of the same quality, at least they are not lost.

22. Learn how to knit - nope, didn't do this, but I did sew Jesse some pajamas, close enough ;)

23. Start a daily yoga practice - Not quite daily, but I do yoga a couple of times a week.

24. Buy a better camera - Decided that I will get that Samsung phone with the built in zoom lens next time, because I never remember to take my camera anywhere anyway.

25. Start collecting eggs from our own chickens - funny story... our chickens were under constant attack from a wild mongoose living at the bottom of our property, we lost plenty and not even an electric fence would deter it. So the chickens refuse to sleep in the hen house, they now sleep in a tree right near the house, close to where our dogs sleep. The result? We cannot find where they are laying their eggs, and soon had 8 new chickens, 5 of which were roosters and our garden soon became a battle field. So we gave them all away and have put in an order for 6 laying hens, and have reinforced the coop.

26. Start charting my cycle - Done.

27. Get a new tattoo - Planning on getting one this summer, have the design picked out and everything.

28. Read at least one non-fiction book per month - Yes! Done! So far at least, and I am so enjoying reading again, cant possible think why I stopped!

29. Get a hive, and keep bees for our own honey - We got a hive, and were hoping some bees would take up residence, which they haven't yet. I am sure they will though.

30. Visit my sister in the UK - All planned to go in June 2014, even started saving a bit.

I am definitely going to be doing a 31 Before 31, and plan to be a bit more dedicated and serious about it. What about you? Any fun or serious goals for the new year?


  1. Good for you! I made our college savings for our 5 kids automatic. Every month $25 goes out of our checking account into their TAP accounts. I only think about the accounts at tax time. Works for me!

  2. Whew! What a lot of goals!
    I did a "40 days to 40" challenge in 2012 (http://40daystoforty.wordpress.com/) and look forward to planning ahead for bigger things with a 50 weeks to 50 in 8 years :-)

  3. Ooh, this is a good idea! My 30th is coming up this year, so perhaps it's time to write a list of my own :) Well done for all those you've accomplished!

  4. These are all great goals. I wanted to do a 30 before 30 and never managed to get around to it. Maybe I can do a 35 before 35 or something haha. My main goal this year is to get more organized and declutter my house which will give me so much less anxiety and stress.

  5. These are all great goals. I wanted to do a 30 before 30 and never managed to get around to it. Maybe I can do a 35 before 35 or something haha. My main goal this year is to get more organized and declutter my house which will give me so much less anxiety and stress.


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